Selecting a User for our POV

Post by Ramya Parthasarathy


Though the unpacking and P.O.V. creation process really helped us think more critically and insightfully about our potential users, as we transition to the next stage of the process, we face another challenge: how do we select a single user?

Over the last week, we narrowed our set of potential users down to three: a disgruntled and displaced landowner, a relatively skilled but unemployed youth, and a struggling but able-bodied single mother.  But we are still left wondering which user to select, and the relevant criteria for selecting a user.  Should it be the user with most potential to impact the concessions process?  The one that is least enfranchised?  The one most affected by the presence of mining companies?  The set of potential selection criteria are many, but we’ve yet to identify the ones we think are most relevant to this project.

From what we’ve learned about the design process thus far, we know that “extreme” users can help to make obvious the needs of the broader population; however, we don’t yet know what “extreme” use means in the context of mining concessions.  Given that the specific user anchors how we reframe the design challenge, we know that this will have a huge impact on our work going forward.  As we kick off Week 3 of this project, we look forward to feedback from the teaching team, Simeon, and our classmates—not just about the specific POVs we’ve written, but for their assessments and insights as to which will make for the most impactful user!


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